War Tour Zagreb

Take a 2.5-hour tour on the fall of Communist Yugoslavia, and the Croatian fight for independence in the disastrous Homeland War. Learn more about life during the communist era, visit the WW2 underground tunnels and the basement used as a shelter during the air raids.

  • Visit the WW2 underground tunnels
  • Learn more about the life during the communist era
  • Hear stories about Tito, the dictator who liked to hang out with celebrities
  • Find out more about the fall of Yugoslavia
  • Visit the basement used as a shelter during the air raids
  • Find out what life was like during the war years
  • Authentic basement used as a shelter during the bombings
  • Guidance by a certified local guide with 500+ tours experience
  • A multimedia presentation about the Croatian Homeland War
  • WW2 underground tunnels visit
Not included
  • Gratuities
Duration2 Hours 30 Minutes
ParticipantsFrom 2 up to 25
Important information
  • Look for the guide with an orange umbrella standing next to the horseman statue at Ban Jelačić Square.
  • You don't need to print this document, check in with the guide using the name on the reservation.
  • The tour languages are English or Spanish.
  • WW2 underground tunnels might not be included during public events in the tunnels.
  • This activity requires a minimum of 2 participants. If we do not reach that number, we will contact you to offer you different alternatives.
  • All tours are subject to availability and the local partner reserves the right to adjust the experience, tour date, and time for technical, operational, health and safety, or other reasons.

Further information

The Croatian Homeland War Tour is a 2.5-hour journey through most of the 20th-century history of Croatia and the surrounding region.

Starting with the turbulent years of World War I, the tour provides an insight into the situation in Croatia with a special emphasis on the fascist Independent State of Croatia and the anti-fascist resistance movement during War War II.

After the end of the war, communist Yugoslavia is founded, with Josip Broz Tito as the leader and Croatia being one of 6 federal republics for the next couple of decades. Gain insight into Yugoslavia's domestic policy and foreign affairs as well as Tito as its leader. After Tito's death, the collapse of Yugoslavia is underway with a series of brutal wars in the 1990s. Croatia finds its way to independence and democracy through the Homeland War, the consequences of which can still be felt in many ways.

The tour starts on Ban Jelačić Square in front of the horseman statue. The multimedia exhibition provided by the licensed guide consists of maps, photos, and videos which are presented in chronological order. The tour visits the World War II underground tunnels built during the fascist regime, later used as a public shelter during the Homeland War.

The tour ends in the basement, located 2 minutes away from the main square, where local people hid during the Zagreb air raids, where a presentation will be given on the details of the Homeland War.


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